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Safety SecondTake A Second for Safety - Week #45

The FMCSA monitors DOT accidents as part of their measuring system to determine if trucking companies have effective safety programs that limit risks to the motoring public. Many times, you will hear our safety team referring to DOT accidents. These are all accidents....

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Safety Second

NEW EFS CardControl App is available

The new apps allows drivers to access their EFS card functions while on the go. Manage your cards from your mobile device.

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New Owner/Operator Quick Reference Guide Now Available Online and in Print!

The new Owner/Operator Quick Reference Guide are now available in both a traditional print and an online version. The new print versions will be sent out after 11/02/2017.

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Safety Notices


11/17/17 - *Safety Message*, ZERO Unsafe again!!! Thank you!!! Holiday traffic will start this weekend. Stay calm, be patient, and keep space in front of you at all times. Don't allow others to push you into an Unsafe situation.


11/16/17 - *Safety Update*, ZERO Unsafe Driving Violations yesterday. Focus on the speed limit at all times. Challenge yourself to know what the speed limit is at all times. Stay Focused, Stay Safe.


11/15/17 - *Safety Alert* - Driver cited for 72/60 mph construction zone. We as a company can not tolerate this type of unsafe behavior. Know your speed limits at all times.


11/14/17 - *Safety Update*, ZERO Unsafe Violations and 11 Clean Inspections posted. Thank you. Challenge yourself to be error free today. As a reminder, the Monthly Safety Call will be held today at 2pm EST.


11/13/17 - *Unsafe Message*, ZERO Unsafe & ZERO DOT accident reported for another safe weekend. Don't forget the Safety call tomorrow at 2pm. Drive safe and keep space

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