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The new apps allows drivers to access their EFS card functions while on the go. Manage your cards from your mobile device.

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Safety Notices


1/21/19 - *Weather Alert*, Winter storms hit 50% of the country, stay calm and don't drive beyond your limits. Keep space.


1/18/19 - *Unsafe Alert*, Driver in IN 11-14 over. IN is #1 state for speeding. Focus on reduced speed zones.


1/17/19 - Driver in FL cited for failure to obey for not waiting in line for weigh station. Stay calm, follow all signs.


1/16/19 - Violations? If an officer requests you to sign anything with a violation on it, it is a big deal, report it to safety immediately.


1/15/19 - Dash Camera confirms our driver was in his lane during serious side-swipe accident. Protect yourself.

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