Drivers that have a Bennett International Group issued KeepTruckin Dash Cam must connect the devices immediately and the device must stay connected or you will be charged a fee as of
July 13, 2019.
Remember Safety IS Priority One!

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The new apps allows drivers to access their EFS card functions while on the go. Manage your cards from your mobile device.

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Safety Notices


7/17/19 - BDA driver cited for 11-14 over, improper lane change, and a lane restriction. Protect yourself by not having unsafe behaviors like this driver. Remember Safety Is Priority One!


7/16/19 - Safety Tip: Using a handheld device while driving a CMV is against the law. You cannot hold or support a mobile device while driving at anytime. Protect yourself, do not use a mobile device at anytime while driving.


7/15/19 - Safety Tip: Don't get distracted while driving and pay attention to all signs and obey them. Failure to obey traffic control devices can lead to citations/violations or an accident.


7/12/19 - Zero violations reported yesterday. Safety Tip: Share the road with the other drivers. Create space between you and the vehicles around to aviod an accident. Safety Is Priority One!


7/11/19 - Do not speed! No load or appointment is so critical for drivers to place themselves at risk of an accident or citation by speeding. Remember Safety is Priority One!

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