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BME/ACE Unsafe Driving Violation Threshold

Due to our current situation with the unsafe basic we must make the following changes to our Bennett threshold policy regarding speeding violations. We are making the following changes to reduce the amount of unsafe violations before we reach the threshold level in CSA.

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Photo Contest2017 Calendar Contest

Submit your best photos and win a $25 gift card plus a spot in our 2017 Calendar!

  • Truck and load must be in full view
  • Photo must be 6mp or larger
  • No special effects on photos

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Safety SecondBennett Safety Second #43

OI just wanted to pass alone a couple items that all drivers should know about a roadside inspection. These are tips that can help any inspection go a little smoother...

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ATTENTIONRolling Strong

Our Wellness Program for Drivers strives to empower you with lifetime knowledge and resources to help prevent and better manage health risks while being on the road.

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First Time Users

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Safety Notices

Information FMCSA Announces Changes to Reporting of Adjudicated Citations...Learn More
Learn more
Buckle up! If a contractor or driver is written up or cited for failure to wear their seat belt, it will result in TERMINATION of lease.
All drivers must have a updated signed lease agreement in their truck. All information must be correct including VIN number... Learn More
Please make sure you have self certified and turned a copy of your medical card... Learn More

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